Important Parts of a Web Page

Important aspects of a web page You need to capture the visitor’s attention and let them know what you have got to them. In terms of articles on your website, this can mean a great headline that makes them want to read more. If your visitor reads the headline and finds it interesting, they’ll then read the first paragraph. The first paragraph is almost as vital as the headline itself – you might like to try creating an opening paragraph as a summary of what your visitor will find on the page below.

As you write content for your SEO campaign, try to keep sentences short (20 – 25 words) as well as paragraphs – four or five sentences. People hate large blocks of text, but also hate sentences that are so long they are confusing. When you have finished your content, read it aloud and make sure there are no parts that you have to reread to understand fully, and no parts that you hesitate over as you read it. To make your article easier to read, use sub-heading and bullet points. Pictures and diagrams can often help to break up blocks of text to make it easier on the visitor and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. NOTE: Use ALT tags on images, but do not keyword stuff them.

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